Retired City Light Employees Association (RCLEA)

RCLEA Newsletter

RCLEA is an organization of retired Seattle City Light employees.  Our mission is to provide opportunities for members to keep in touch with each other.

(Note: RCLEA is not the same  as ARSCE which is an organization of Retired City of Seattle Employees. Many RCLEA members are also members of ARSCE;


Our Winter 2023 Newsletter is available here .

If you want an electronic copy of the newsletter, please send Mary Pat DiLeva your email address at

If you do not have access to a computer and require a hard copy, dues-paying members can drop us a note and mail it to our PO Box.  We will snail-mail you a copy of the electronic version.


Mailing Address

ARSCE Website is here.


​​​​​Dues just $10*/ year 

Wednesday, June 7 at the Montlake Branch of the Seattle Public Library beginning at 12:30pm.

Please contact Board President Tony Raimondi at  if you would like to attend the meeting.

Upcoming Events

RCLEA's Summer Picnic will be here before you know it.  We're gathering at an exciting new location, Edmonds City Park on Monday, July 10th from 11am - 2pm.  We'll be at Shelter #2 with lots of great food including Ezell's fried chicken.  Parking is free and plentiful and includes ADA parking.

The Summer Picnic only costs $10 for dues-paying members and their guests; $20 for others. Please sign-up and mail your check so that it is received by RCLEA no later than Thursday, July 6th. No walk-ins on the day of the event. 

Sign-up form here.

Make check payable and mail to:  RCLEA, PO Box 27204, Seattle WA 98165-1604. For questions, call or text Tony Raimondi at 612.384.4244.

 Mary Pat DiLeva

Next Board Meeting


Updated 5/15/2023

P. O. Box 27204
Seattle, WA 98165-1604

We are proud to announce that we now have a Facebook page, thanks to Steve Hagen.

 If you do facebook, just search for "RCLEA".  The FB page will be for members to connect, share memories, events, photos, and learn about RCLEA events.

Also new on the website, check out  short bios of our Board Members  on the Board tab.


New Retirees:

​Ali, Mohamed - 1/1/2023

Belger, Brian - 3/7/2023

Blinder, Judith - 12/31/2022

Clayton, Siriphan - 12/3/2022

Coulson, Florentina - 12/2/2022

Curry, Cynthia - 12/31/2022

Dixon, Vartan - 12/21/2022

Eng, Stanley - 1/18/23

Greif, William - 11/29/2022

Jackson, Webbie - 12/7/2022

Junttila, Mary - 3/1/2023

Leonard, Marty - 12/31/2022

Lockwood, Gary - 12/31/2022

Louie, James - 12/2/2022

Mahar, Charles - 2/15/2023

Matsen, Charles - 12/21/2022

McGregor, Lynne - 3/15/2023

Nelson, Dawn - 3/15-2023

O'Donald, Gary - 12/21/2022

Olmos-Montano, Teresa - 11/18/2022

Ottele, Darrell - 12/31/2022

Ring, Douglas - 12/21/2022

Saturay, Nathaniel - 2/2/2023

Togerson, Richard - 2/3/2023

Wentworth, Jane - 12/21/2022

Wood, Rick - 12/31/2022


​Burkey, Clifford - 1/27/2023

Clinko, Frances - 4/9/2023

Darling, Lisa - 1/27/2023

Habib, Martin - 3/8/2023

Haferkamp, Donald - 3/2/2023

Knopf, Herman - 4/24/2023

March, Jocelyn - 4/4/2023

Moddy, Valerie - 1/16/2023

Newell, Alfred - 3/4/2023

Robideau, Lorraine - 1/24/2023

Rockafellar, Mamie - 1/25/2023

Smith, Gary - 2/18/2023

All retired employees from Seattle City Light, are automatically a member of RCLEA. But by becoming a dues-paying member, you become eligible to vote or run for the board, attends luncheons at a discount, and help defray our administrative costs.  

To have SCERS automatically deduct your $10 dues from your February check, please print and mail this form to us.  Thanks!

*Dues were raised from $6/yr. in 2022  because of increased costs.