RCLEA is an organization of retired Seattle City Light employees.  Our mission is to provide opportunities for members to keep in touch with each other.

(Note: RCLEA is not the same  as ARSCE which is an organization of Retired City of Seattle Employees. Many RCLEA members are also members of ARSCE; www.arsce.org.).


Memorial for James (Jim) Ritch who sadly passed away on March 20th will be on Saturday, April 30, 2022 on OneLife Community Church, 3524 NE 95th St, Seattle, WA 98115. 

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If you want an electronic copy of the newsletter, please send Anne Ducey your email address at ducois@gmail.com 

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If you do not have access to a computer and require a hard copy, dues-paying members can drop us a note and mail it to our PO Box.  We will snail-mail you a copy of the electronic version.

Because of Covid, we have been having board meetings via Zoom. 

Our next meeting, however, will be in person at Ivar's Salmon House directly after the Spring Luncheon on Tuedsay, May 10th.

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 Anne Ducey at ducois@gmail.com.


As a newly retired person from Seattle City Light, you are automatically a member of RCLEA. But by becoming a dues-paying member, you become eligible to vote or run for the board, attends luncheons at a discount, and help defray our administrative costs.  

To have SCERS automatically deduct your yearly $6 dues from your February check, please print and mail this form to us.  We thank you!

Mailing Address

Our Spring Luncheon will be at Ivar's Salmon House on Lake Union (401 NE Northlake Way), ​Tuesday May 10th, 11:30am to 1:30pm.

Space is limited, so please respond early.

Price is $35 for a seasonal lunch buffet with fresh fruit, beverages and dessert, free parking, private room with view of Lake Union and Seattle; centrally located.

No walk-ins on day of luncheon.

Mail check to our PO Box or bring it to the luncheon.   Sign up here.

We've Switched to an Electronic Newsletter

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Retired City Light Employees Association (RCLEA)

P. O. Box 27204
Seattle, WA 98165-1604

​​​​​​New Retirees/Deaths

Updated 4/16/2022

Spring Luncheon - Tuesday, May 10th at Ivar's

Please contact Tony Raimondi at tony14007@hotmail.comif you would like to attend the meeting.

New Retirees:

​Carriere, Beauty L.          10/2/2021
Edens, Alisara                  10/8/2021
Schmeling, Susan Kay     10/2/2021
St. Pierre, Paul M.            10/13/2021

Arrington, Brigitte           11/24/2021
Caddy, Thomas B.           11/5/2021
Gilbert, Cynthia L .          11/24/2021
Kizer, Michael F.              11/3/2021
Ng, Sharon Y.                   11/16/2021
Pricco, Jeffery L.               11/2/2021

Peha, Leonard N.


​James (Jim) Ritch          03/20/2022

(See Memorial info. above.)

For a list of all City of Seattle deaths and new retirees, see the ARSE newsletters, foundhere.