We are sorry to say goodby to Carol Everson, Dee Smiley, Jack Kelley and Gary Moore who will be stepping off our board after the 2019 Holiday Luncheon.

We would love to talk with you if you are interested in running for our board,  We meet once a month at the Lake City Community Center. We are a great group - It's never a dull moment.

2019 Board of Trustees


Retired City Light Employees Association (RCLEA)

We are proposing a change to our By-laws:  where it now says "members" or "membership", it will be amended to say "current dues-paying members". This is because SCERS has new rules where they will no longer provide us with addresses of Seattle City Light retirees.

This means we will only  be able to send out the annual report to current dues-paying members.

If you have any comments, please email Tony Raimondi by December 1st. The Board will vote on the proposal at the Holiday Lunch on 12/3.



Tony Raimondi
Vice President
Jack Kelleykelleyhouse@comcast.net
Corresponding SecretaryNancy Robbrobbn46@earthlink.net
Recording Secretary
Dana Wheelock
Financial Secretary
Carol Everson
Steve Hagen

Other Board Members
Anne Duceyducois@gmail.com

Dix Fulton

Stan Krohnstano3407@yahoo.com

Diane Westergaardwesterd@drizzle.com

Bob Pahlmanrobertpahlman@hotmail.com

Gary Moore

Maureen O'Neillmaureenodance@gmail.com

John Carlin

Newsletter Editor
Stan Krohn